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Connecting the DOTs for skills:Digital Opportunity Traineeships in practice

Room L7, 05/12/2018 (11:30-12:15)

Do you want to host a trainee and help creating the digital talents of tomorrow?

You want to know how other companies are taking part to the initiative?

Then, do attend this networking session!

The objectives of the "Connecting the DOTs" session are to:

  • bring together the actors involved in the Digital Opportunity Traineeships initiative including universities and their international mobility offices, current and potential host enterprises, testimonials of past and current traineeships to exchange views on their experiences
  • facilitate networking among the actors to clarify practical steps to host trainees
  • discussion of key success factors, as well main recurring issues with the DOT, with a view of improving the information toolkits
  • elaboration of possible actions for improving the implementation of the initiative presented

Organised by: Annika OSTERGREN (European Commission, DG CONNECT, Belgium)



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