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Blockchain & "Financial Support to third parties"

Room L4, 06/12/2018 (09:00-09:45)

To showcase and open the debate about how blockchain can be used to improve the processes at the "Financial Support to third parties" European Commission scheme. Cascade funding is a trend in the European Commission funding schemes, where funding is distributed to a consortium that at the same time distributes the funding to startups and tech-smes to promote experiments and accelerate them. This process is a faster and simpler way to reach small companies but at the same time it ads a layer of complexity as both the processes and the funding is put in the hands of third parties. How can Blockchain improve the trazability of the process? what are the current best practices and what can be done to improve the procedures and add a layer of trust?

Some of the areas to explore are:

  • identity management
  • time stamping for deadlines of online submissions
  • voting
  • payments

Organised by: Andres SANCHEZ (FundingBox, Spain)



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