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RAGE: Boosting technology transfer to Serious Games & Gamification industry

Room L1, 04/12/2018 (16:00-16:45)

The aim of this session is to foster alliances with researchers and other creators of components and technologies valuable for developing disruptive Serious Games and Gamification products, to be distributed to Game development studios through the RAGE Ecosystem portal. The Ecosystem offers innovative technology providers exposure, publicity and a distribution channel to acquire customer feedback and, ultimately, extra customers for their innovative offerings. The RAGE H2020 project aims to amplify the development of non-leisure games (often referred to as serious games) and their application in education, health, industry and public administration. Its main output, the RAGE ecosystem has been created to foster transferring disruptive technologies to support innovation in the Serious Games industry and beyond. To extend the supply of game technologies on the portal, RAGE is now harvesting additional game-related ICT results from other R&D projects across Europe. The community portal will become a marketplace connecting technology supply with indutry demand. RAGE, being in its final stage until early 2019, is now reaching out to researchers, educators and the game industry. Fuelled by the “good stuff” and the “good expertise”, the portal will eventually blossom into the major European hotspot for serious game development, thus contributing to establishing a coherent serious games innovation ecosystem.

Organised by: Ruben RIESTRA (INMARK Europa, Innovation Management, Spain)



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