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Let's create the next generation internet - it's ours to shape!

Room 0.94-0.95, 04/12/2018 (16:00-16:45)

"The next generation internet is ours to shape" is a hands-on networking session focusing on Europe's drive towards the next generation internet, showing how Europeans from all walks of life can benefit and get involved.

NGI is all about you, the citizens, whether high-tech start-up, SME, researcher, civil society or policy maker.

NGI aims to create an internet that responds to increasing public demand for a more accountable and more human-centric alternative. An inclusive internet more supportive of small business needs, open and transparent, safe and secure, sustainable and energy-efficient.

The session offers practical guides from the four NGI Inter-CSA projects as a collaborative effort:

• NGI funding opportunities: from large-scale research and innovation actions to small-scale grants through open calls, zooming in on priorities under FP9

• NGI Map, an interactive tool promoting unique value in NGI-related technologies, topics and themes, open to EU businesses, research institutes and universities

• The Global Internet Policy Observatory (GIPO), a tool for everyone to see why internet policy is central to shaping an alternative internet

• The NGI consultation platform, the open online forum for sharing expertise and project pitches, with insights into NGI topics embedding EU values

• The NGI Early Adopters Club, for early movers wishing to show their contributions to NGI building blocks

More on the NGI Website: https://www.ngi.eu/

Organised by: Stephanie PARKER (Trust-IT Services Ltd, Communications & EU projects, United Kingdom)




Stephanie PARKER, 26/11/2018 14:29

16:00 - 16:15 #1 NGI VALUES AMBASSADORS: Three NGI innovators will pitch on how their technological trends are reshaping the internet towards a safer digital life. Marina Mortara, Researcher, InterIoT project; Eduard Grasa, Fundacio i2CAT; Johannes Klinglmayr (TBC); Jamal Shahin, Vrije Universiteit Brussels & Amsterdam, GIPO expert (global-internet-related policy.

16:15 - 16:30 #2 EXCELLENCE: Right-hand man: Mirko Presser, NGI Move with Katrin Mathmann, Foodnetlab; Mario Drobics, Compass and Axel Polleres EXPEDiTE competing on a best research race. Who will excel? Christopher Frauenberger, TU Vienna, Winner of the NGI R&E Award,and tell us why he won.

16:30 - 16:40 #3 OPPORTUNITIES: Right-hand man: Katja Bego, Engineroom with Andrés Sánchez Sandaza pitching on Ledger, a new NGI RIAs and Oliver Hoffmann, Austrian Ministry for Infrastructure.

16.40 - 16:45 You will hear again from us! Monique Calisti HUB4NGI - NGI4ALL, will wrap-up and welcome you to the next phase of the NGI initiative: get your agendas ready!

You can start interacting with us on the NGI Consultation Platform https://consultation.ngi.eu/


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