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Let’s build a time machine

Room 2.17, 05/12/2018 (09:00-09:45)

What would the world look like if we could access documents from the past as easily as present day‘s data? Could we use it to derive better forecasts for the future? Can historical 4D simulations improve our knowledge about European history? Which innovative business models will promote tourism, transport and planning? The Time Machine consortium consists of ~200 research facilities, institutions, companies, and currently applies for a FET flagship grant to build a large scale simulator depicting 2,000 years of European history. Miles of archives and museum collections will be transformed into a digital information system. These big data of the past are common resources for the future and offer significant cultural, economic and social added value. Based on a multi-scalar architecture, the Time Machine integrates the four dimensions of space and time in the form of a constantly deeper networked information system.

It is our key interest to link activities and stakeholders in the field of technology and cultural heritage and to gain visibility and public awareness of this sector. Therefore, the networking session is dedicated to three questions: What is the Time Machine? What current trends, challenges and potential stakeholders should be considered? How to contribute? Since the Time Machine is an open hub and welcomes stakeholders we will show how to participate.

Organised by: Sander MUENSTER (TU Dresden, Germany)



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