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The Art of Trustworthy Software, Services and Data Empowering Everyone

Room L5, 05/12/2018 (16:30-17:15)

One of our greatest challenges in a future digital society is to ensure Trustworthiness of Software, Services and Data empowering everyone everywhere.

This society will dramatically change our daily lives, and we're only in the early stage of this transition. Yes, everyone both has a smart phone, is connected to sensors, is on-line with everyone else, and is mobile and connected from everywhere. But, we're in many ways still living in the "old" world with respect to traditions, culture, regulations, work practices, education, etc.

Software technology and the data economy are key to the disrupted change into an on-line servitization of all commercial and public offerings, society becoming more distributed and decentralized.

We will explore characteristics of such a future trustworthy digital society by an inter-disciplinary approach; inviting panellists with different backgrounds to give their views on the changes ahead.

The following questions will be addressed:

1) how will such a digitized society work?

2) what are the benefits and downsides of it?

3) will it become more democratic and more engagement by citizens?

4) will it be safe and inclusive for everybody?

These are important questions to understand how technologies like Software, Services and Data will enable tansitions and impact society. Ouput of this session will complement the initial FP9 / Horizon Europe input prepared by the NESSI ETP (see below, also available from http://www.nessi-europe.eu/).

Video presentation

Organised by: Bjørn SKJELLAUG (SINTEF, Software and Service Innovation, Norway)



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