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From Experiment to Market: SAE & I4MS support in cascade funding projects

Room 2.15, 05/12/2018 (16:30-17:15)

The importance of the financial support to third parties (FSTP) or cascade funding is increasing in every H2020 work programme. However, there is still a lack of knowledge, among SMEs but also H2020 potential applicants, about the type of support that should be provided to beneficiaries, that goes beyond the funding. For those pilots or experiments to become successful and have a real impact on SMEs and midcaps they need a supporting program in terms of access to competences, business mentoring and connection with other funding opportunities.

I4MS and SAE are initiatives that support SMEs and midcaps in their digital transformation through FSTP mainly. They coordinate a group of projects with sophisticated knowledge on how to support customers beyond funding and where there might be other needs. During the session, we will present some best practices on this type of supporting programs and discuss with the audience ideas for improving them. Also, we will analyse the role that the Coordination and Support Actions can play in this type of supporting programs, taking care of some transversal activities that can add value to the Innovation Actions (IAs) and the beneficiaries themselves.

Organised by: Mayte CARRACEDO (Funding Box, Business Development Manager, Spain)



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