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Artificial Intelligence - New Solutions for Real-time Service Delivery

Room L6, 05/12/2018 (11:30-12:15)

The session aims to stimulate an interdisciplinary discussion on innovative solutions using Artificial Intelligence (AI) for real-time service delivery. As a result, we expect many new ideas for AI-based service delivery solutions that could lead to multidisciplinary collaboration between EU-funded projects, new research projects, or follow-up talks on commercial collaboration for implementing promising ideas. To this purpose, we will bring together AI researchers, network experts, application developers, and representatives of verticals in order to share insights and cross-fertilize innovative usage ideas.

Through an interactive session format we will give participants room to be creative and productive. As an added benefit, this will stimulate networking between experts and decision-makers from different disciplines.

The key question to stimulate the interactive, structured discussion between participants is:

How can Artificial Intelligence be used for developing and implementing real-time service delivery solutions?

The scope of this question covers end-to-end solutions from the core network to the user front end. Service scenarios could include B2B and B2C as well as e-government solutions. We particularly expect fertile exchanges between experts from ICT and verticals (healthcare, automotive, manufacturing, etc.).

Participants will be encouraged to first find more specific, relevant questions, before they delve into potential solutions.

Video presentation

Organised by: Milon GUPTA (Eurescom, Marketing and PR, Germany)



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