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Big Data Meetup: when data scientists and the public meet (Parts 1 and 2)

Room M1, 06/12/2018 (11:30-12:15)

Big data provides significant opportunities to transform Research and Innovation (R&I) policy with a new generation of more timely and in-depth information on performance and its links to productivity and growth. Projects that take an exploratory approach to the use of big data for policymaking (in the novel analytical methods and new tools for interactive visualisations) are expected to enable policymakers to make better measured and targeted policies, in addition to new ways of working. Yet, the tools, methods and knowledge developed by the projects also have value for, as well as benefit from input and validation from, wider stakeholders - especially industry actors and civil society. The inclusion of otherwise neglected actors in the development of new policy indicators using big data will not only contribute to policies that meet societal needs but also contribute to the legitimacy, accountability and sustainability of policy decisions. Although there are examples of public engagement in big data projects, most involve contributory inputs in a passive manner such as providing data as non-technical actors, while the compilation, analysis and interpretation are left to data scientists, researchers and policymakers. Led by EURITO, a Horizon 2020 project guided by REA in close collaboration with DG RTD, the networking session brings together key EC-funded big data projects in the R&I policy sphere (e.g. Data4Impact, NGI Engineroom) with the aim to tackle this exclusion.

Video presentation

Organised by: Soraya RUSMAULLY (Nesta)



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