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Datacubes: Analysis-Ready Big Data at Your Fingertips

Room 2.15, 04/12/2018 (16:00-16:45)

Datacubes are gaining massive momentum as a concept for organizing large amounts of spatio-temporal data files into few multi-dimensional objects. As sensor, image, simulation, and statistics data they appear in all science and engineering domains, and beyond: in Earth sciences (ex. 3D satellite image timeseries, 4D weather forecasts), Space sciences (ex: radio and optical telescope data, cosmological simulations), Life sciences (ex: microarray data, confocal microscopy, brain scans), financial analytics (ex: stock ticker data), among others. While earlier only sparse datacubes could be maintained through OLAP technologies, with the European Datacube technology both sparse and dense datacubes of any provenance can be handled, including irregular grids.

This session will inform about datacubes and the contribution Europe is making, and will seek teaming up of stakeholders into consortia and other kinds of activities.

Organised by: Peter BAUMANN (Jacobs University Bremen | rasdaman GmbH, Computer Science & Electrical Engineering, Germany)



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