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On the 5G road to Smart Mobility

Hall A, Level 2, 05/12/2018 (16:30-18:00)

Connected cars will change our lives and shape the future of road transport by making transport safer, more accessible and sustainable. Vehicle connectivity and progressing automation levels are now entering the consumer and professional markets. In the meantime, the Commission set out a strategic connectivity objective: the deployment of 5G infrastructure along the main transport paths in Europe by 2025. This objective is closely linked to the expectation that 5G connectivity will be a major enabler for connected and automated mobility, a key opportunity for Europe to lead in digital innovation.

This session will highlight the Commission and Member States' efforts to support the introduction and the 5G connectivity roadmap of connected and automated vehicles by developing a coherent digital framework of legislation and policies for the deployment of safe connected and automated mobility, while addressing societal and environmental concerns. The status on the cooperation between Member States on cross-border initiatives for the establishment of large scale testing and early deployment of 5G corridors will be also presented.

In this context, we will also highlight the ambitions of the 5GPPP Phase III projects on cross border trials along 5G corridors, a first wave of projects through the EU research & innovation programme H2020 (ICT-18-2018: 5G for cooperative, connected and automated mobility).

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Session organiser: Pavlos FOURNOGERAKIS (DG CONNECT, Unit E.1 – Future Connectivity Systems, Belgium), Graziana LONERO (European Commission DG CONNECT, CNECT.H5 Smart mobility and living, Belgium), Katerina MALAKOUDI (Commission of the EU, CONNECT.H5, Belgium)


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