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Next Generation Internet: Beyond the Internet

Hall A, Level 2, 05/12/2018 (14:30-16:00)

A number of technological trends will reshape the internet over the next 10 years. From infrastructures such as 5G and smart connectivity beyond 5G, cognitive cloud, software-defined infrastructures, Internet of things (IoT) and embedded security to applications such as artificial intelligence, distributed ledger technologies, or interactive and immersive technologies. Europe should drive this technological revolution, while making the future internet more human-centric: an internet for people, that contributes to a more sustainable and inclusive society. The internet of the future, based on European values, will support a safer digital life, improved learning experience and better inclusion, safer mobility, better healthcare and personalisation of public services. It will also create a trusted environment for European businesses.

The session "Beyond the internet" explores how Europe can lead this technological revolution, while building an internet that serves and empowers humans and reflects values such as the rule of law, cooperation, openness, inclusiveness and the respect for the environment. We will explore the opportunities and challenges of the Next Generation Internet with representatives from industry, academia and civil society, and close the session with an open discussion.

Session organiser: Cristina MAIER (European Commission, G2. Interactive Technologies, Digital for Culture & Education, Luxembourg), Loretta ANANIA (European Commission, DG CONNECT E3, Belgium)


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