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Tackling disinformation to support democracy

Hall E2, Level 0, 04/12/2018 (16:00-17:30)

Our open democratic societies depend on public debates that allow well-informed citizens to express their will through free and fair political processes. Open public debate is increasingly challenged by the large-scale spread of disinformation. With the forthcoming elections to the European Parliament in May 2019 and regular national elections in member states, it is urgent to step up efforts to secure free and fair democratic processes.

This session will focus on three immediate objectives that will support a cleaner information environment and open democratic debates:

  • A Code of Practice on online disinformation contributing to a transparent, fair and trustworthy online campaign ahead of the EU elections, while fully respecting Europe's fundamental principles of freedom of expression, a free press and pluralism. Both online platforms and the advertising industry agreed on the Code.
  • An independent network of fact-checkers, currently being set up, to strengthen the capability to detect and debunk false narratives.
  • Increased levels of media literacy in order to empower citizens and improve their critical thinking. Support to quality journalism also contributes to provide citizens with high-quality information from diversified sources.


  • Madeleine DE COCK BUNING (Commissariaat voor de Media / Dutch Media Authority, Netherlands), Moderator
  • Sophie LECHELER (University of Vienna, Department of Communication, Austria), Speaker
  • Alexios MANTZARLIS (International Fact-Checking Network @ Poynter, United States of America), Speaker
  • Raju NARISETTI (Columbia University, Graduate School of Business, United States of America), Speaker
  • Markus REINISCH (Facebook, United Kingdom), Speaker
  • Erin SIMPSON (University of Oxford, Oxford Internet Institute, United States of America), Speaker
  • Frantisek VRABEL (Semantic Visions, Czechia), Speaker

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