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The FET programme and its Flagships as game changers

Hall B, Level 2, 04/12/2018 (16:00-17:30)

Groundbreaking ideas change the world we live in. They need time and space to grow and become radically new technologies that improve life quality.

The EU’s Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) programme has been promoting long-term and visionary research for the last 30 years. The FET programme has also been financing high-risk research ranging from small exploratory projects to large-scale and long-term initiatives such as the FET Flagships. The programme’s main value is to bring together talented scientists from different disciplines and support them to achieve technological breakthroughs. Since its inception, the programme has played a key role in pushing discoveries in digital technologies.

Starting with a look back at what FET research has achieved so far, this session will explore the future and emerging digital technologies that are expected to bring transformative advances to science, economy and society and create new business opportunities. The session will also discuss the importance for Europe to take advantage of its scientific excellence and industrial strongholds and make bold and strategic research investments such as those in FET Flagships that can make the difference for our economy and society.


  • Markus ASPELMEYER (University of Vienna, Faculty of Physics, Austria), Panellist
  • Daniela CORDA (Italian National Research Council, Institute of Protein Biochemistry, Italy), Panellist
  • Dermot DIAMOND (Dublin City University, INSIGHT Centre for Data Analytics, Ireland), Panellist
  • Kristina EDSTROM (Uppsala University, Department of Chemistry - Angstrom Laboratory, Sweden), Panellist
  • Dario FLOREANO (EPFL, Laboratory of Intelligent Systems, Switzerland), Speaker
  • Katrina SICHEL (Wit and Word Communications sprl, Belgium), Moderator

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