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Innovation & Startups Village (ACV Level 1)


ICView Intensive Care Information and Tele-ICU System


Area: Innovation & Startups Village (ACV Level 1)

Stand number: INNO6

ICView is an intensive care radar and visual cockpit to help clinicians at Intensive Care Units monitor patients’ conditions, manage clinical workflow, comply with guidelines, conduct research. This improves the quality and efficiency of healthcare and makes it more accessible and affordable.

The system’s visual design is unparalleled. The creators also used world-class methodology for developing complex mission-critical IT applications, guided by clinicians. ICView includes a highly visual ICU cockpit (incorporating evidence-based clinical decision support and predictive analytics), ICU-PDMS, ICU registry and advanced reporting (clinical process, outcomes, research).

ICView has been developed and successfully implemented in several European hospitals as part of the EU-funded THALEA PCP project. The system is designed for intensive care units/providers of all types, all 'budgets' and all levels of IT adoption. It is ready to be implemented in any country.

Website: http://www.icview-clinical.com

ID: 21531