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International Cooperation Village (ACV Level 1)

IST-Africa and mHealth4Afrika

IST-Africa and mHealth4Afrika


Area: International Cooperation Village (ACV Level 1)

Stand number: INCO7

Supported by the European Commission and African Union Commission, IST-Africa (www.IST-Africa.org) is a strategic collaboration with ministries and national councils responsible for innovation, science and technology adoption, implementation, policy and research in 18 African Member States. IST-Africa is focused on strengthening policy and strategy capacity, developing a research culture by helping secure international funding (over €165 million in last 10 years) and promoting institutionalisation of entrepreneurship at public and university sector Innovation Spaces.

The European Commission-supported mHealth4Afrika Initiative is validating the co-design of a modular state-of-the-art eHealth platform focused on strengthening primary healthcare delivery in resource constrained environments. mHealth4Afrika is collaborating with Ministries of Health, universities, District Health Offices and nurses in rural clinics in Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi and South Africa.

Website: http://www.IST-Africa.org

ID: 21521