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Responsible Innovation in Sustainable Industrial Ecosystem

Room L6, 06/12/2018 (09:00-09:45)

Sustainable Industrial Ecosystems can be identified as examples whereby the innovation flows from the very beginning of design phase until the territorial deployment. Within them, the “sustainability” becomes a wider concept, embracing economic, environmental, ethic as well as social aspects.

These themes are being explored in the latest years, but it's still missing a comprehensive and systemic approach to the whole innovation ecosystems. A relevant initiative is the RISE2018 "Responsible Innovation in Sustainable Ecosystems: Perspectives in Industry 4.0". Link https://rri-sis.wixsite.com/m-rrisis2018/rise-2018-call-for-paper.

This networking session targets at extending the current working group on sustainable industrial ecosystems and including new ideas and competences to face the challenge by creating ad-hoc teams arguing about a comprehensive and systemic approach to the innovation. Two triggering questions will pave the way to the analysis of:

1) The relevant H2020 topics:

2) Any potential thematic to be included in the next RISE2019 conference

The session is open to public discussion, everyone is entitled to quickly showcase his/her idea and start assembling a potential team.

Check the agenda and pre-register at the networking session at the link https://goo.gl/rB9VrN

Submit your idea to be discussed during the session at the link https://goo.gl/HCCEzL

Video presentation

Organised by: Francesco NIGLIA (Link Campus University, DASIC, Italy)




Ferdinand AICHER, 26/11/2018 11:20

Thank you for the invitation. We are generally interested to be a participant but i am sorry there are jam on my time-sheet.

Are there any other contact's possibly ?

Ferdinand Aicher


Francesco NIGLIA, 14/01/2019 09:43 in reply to Ferdinand AICHER

I'm uploading a PDF of the presentation with links and contacts.


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