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Green GigaWatt Scale Computing

Room L8, 05/12/2018 (11:30-12:15)

Data Centers are reported to account for around 2% of the world’s total energy consumption and is expected to overtake the carbon emissions of the Airline Industry by 2020. Efficient use of energy efficient algorithms is more important than ever before. The growth of datacenters and its value chain creates challenges and opportunities. Trends like IoT, Clouds, Big Data, 5G, Blockchain, AI ends up in datacenters – GigaWatts sized datacenters. Huge buildings consuming green (?) energy, Giga/Megawatts, serving the digital society of our time in milliseconds. High-light of some examples addressing the new booming industry needs and driving new technology research originating from ongoing digitalisation.

The session will look into possibilities to cover the whole datacenter value chain , from the ground to the cloud, identifying challenges, bottlenecks and opportunities within scale-computing.

Theme: Inspiring a digital society and Creating networks and technology

Video presentation

Organised by: Michael NILSSON (Luleå University of Technology, Centre for Distance-spanning Technology, Sweden)



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