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Implementing SDG: Food for Thought from Public IT Service Providers

Room 2.95, 05/12/2018 (17:30-18:15)

The members of the Association of European Public IT Service Providers (EURITAS) want to discuss implementation of SDG, TOOP and eIDAS from their point of view. As the Commission’s vision of EU-wide accessibility of digital public services takes further shape, the governments’ main implementation partners – public IT service providers, of which over 80 are represented by EURITAS – want to address a couple of issues regarding the user-centricity of these projects.

We want to present the current implementation progress, lay out different aspects of Government to Business (G2B) as well as Government to Customer/Citizen (G2C) interaction and collect feedback on the proposed concepts regarding…

…authentication: How far are we with eIDAS? What are the different implementation approaches? How are SDG and eIDAS interconnected?

…notification: After cross-border users identified themselves with their eIDAS-notified authentication method – how do agencies notify them with the result of the requested service?

…storage: Will there be a possibility for cross-border users to store personal documents? Is such a possibility necessary? How should such a solution be designed and implemented?

Organised by: Lloyd HOLLER (European Asociation of Public IT Service Providers - EURITAS, Germany)



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