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Creating Networks & Technology (Hall X4)


In-depth support for innovation in Smart Systems Integration


Area: Creating Networks & Technology (Hall X4)

Stand number: C14

inSSIght supports and complements research and innovation (R&I) activities in Smart Systems Integration (SSI) by structuring industrial cooperation and facilitating end-user adoption for the next generations of miniaturised smart objects and systems. The project widely promotes SSI, attracts new users, campaigns for increased visibility of SSI, and strengthens the community. A special focus is on Micro-Nano-Bio Systems.

Practical tools include

• European Community Trademark Smart Systems Integrated®;

• Open Lab workshops showcasing demonstrators as well as products that were granted the trademark;

• Technical and non-technical webinars;

• Information and awareness raising campaigns, e.g. a video contest, citizens’ interviews;

• Investment game,

• Interactive capability radar of organisations active in SSI,

• Extensive community building, networking and brokerage activities,

• Strategy process leading to Customised Innovation Priorities for SSI uptake and a series of White Papers.

Website: http://inssight.eu

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