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Electronic – Smart – Digital: An auction-based competition

Room 2.31, 04/12/2018 (17:00-17:45)

In this session we will organise a Smart Systems product / demonstrator competition in the form of an auction.

Participants will use Play Money to make their bids for the products / demonstrators that they value most.

The competition includes a prize for the winning participant.

Potential products / demonstrators for the auction are

1) every-day objects like a smart waste bin, or a smart jacket for cyclists,

2) tools for the work environment like a smart exoskeleton for lifting heavy objects,

3) smart solutions in health and environment like a smart patch for wound healing, a smart respiratory system, or a mobile water testing device.

A catalogue of products / demonstrators for the auction will be made available prior to the networking session to make the session even more attractive for participants.

Addtionally all products / demonstrators will be available for demonstration and expert discussions at the booth of the inSSIght project.

Objective are to:

1) raise interest in and awareness of electronics and electronic smart systems (hardware) as fundamental building blocks of Digital Europe, as enabler for innovation and driver for a competitive European industry,

2) find out about the perceived value of products based on electronics and electronic smart systems,

3) attract experts from many different disciplines, both technology experts, and non-technological experts, e.g. on ethical, legal, social implications (ELSI),

4) give visibility to electronics-based solutions.

Organised by: Petra WEILER (VDI/VDE Innovation + Technik GmbH, Future Technologies and Europe, Germany)



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