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Transforming Industry & Economy (Hall X4)


Gamification of EcoDriving Behaviours through Intelligent Management of dynamic car and driver information


Area: Transforming Industry & Economy (Hall X4)

Stand number: T06

Driving style is becoming a significant cause of greenhouse gas (GHG) and other air pollutant emission. It is also a critical parameter regarding road safety, with adverse social and financial consequences. GamECAR aims to develop a highly innovative and interactive Serious Games platform that will empower and guide users to adopt an eco-friendly driving style, without distracting them from safe driving. The users will play collaboratively/competitively using their mobile device, the car itself, and their own bodies, thus turning eco-driving into an immersive and highly motivating experience. The GamECAR system will be quantified and evaluated in test campaigns with drivers in three different sites. Such a holistic and innovative approach has a huge impact, and the foundations laid here are expected to result in a widespread adoption of sensor-based gamification platforms in areas going far beyond eco-driving.

Website: http://www.gamecar.eu/

ID: 21500