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Mind the gap: a world café for leading scientists, startuppers and VCs

Room L6, 04/12/2018 (17:00-17:45)

Tech business from synthetic biology is on the rise. Spin-off and startups are flourishing, often founded by leading scientists in the field. Many strategic applications are begin envisaged, and several corporations are now considering opening up departments and businesses in the field. The potential of synthetic biology and tech business needs to be exploited by finding a common language between science and business to transform scientific results into business opportunities.

In this scenario, Europe via H2020 aims to bridge the gap between scientists, SMEs and other stakeholders, i.e. venture capitalists, business angels etc. while the FET programme creates and support innovative ecosystems.

The scope of this event is bringing together existing FET consortia and/or future proposers with early stage VCs (Seed and Series A), startuppers etc. to find a common language and strengthens the consortia capacity to exploit results and business opportunities.

The roundtable will see the participation of:

VIOREL PECA, Head of Unit Future Emerging Technologies - DG CONNECT, European Commission;

LORENZO MORETTI Associate and Venture Capital Investor Invitalia Ventures SGR;

HAROLD P. DE VLADAR CEO of Ribbon Biolabs and Synthetic Biologist;

ANDREA ZORZETTO Managing Partner, Italy Plug & Play.

Come and put your challenge forward to our speakers!

Organised by: Guido CHIAROTTI (IN srl, Italy)



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