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Digital Manufacturing Platforms & Connected Factories

Room M1, 04/12/2018 (17:00-17:45)

Pathways to digitalisation of manufacturing reflect how digitalisation and eventually the deployment of digital platforms can bring value within different kinds of manufacturing perspectives, such as factory automation, value networks or product-service development. The pathways enhance the awareness among different stakeholders about the actual and future use of digital technologies in manufacturing and facilitate the migration from legacy situations towards innovative approaches.

At ICT 2018, the ConnectedFactories strategic project will host a networking session to explore these pathways to digital integration and interoperability of manufacturing systems and processes.

Currently three pathways with a particular scope are being developed: Autonomous Smart Factories, Hyperconnected Factories, and Collaborative Product-Service Factories.

The session will highlight examples from research and innovation projects associated with the pathways.

ConnectedFactories is an initiative established by the European Factories of the Future Research Association (EFFRA) – the official representative of the private side of the EU’s Factories of the Future partnership.

Organised by: Patrick KENNEDY (European Factories of the Future Research Association, Belgium)



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