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EU & India Clustering on IoT technologies for Smart Agriculture

Room L1, 05/12/2018 (09:00-09:45)

The proposed session is to promote international research & innovation (R&I) activities in H2020 and others via a formation of an EU – India Clustering partnership related to the use of IoT technologies for the enhancement of Smart Villages. The session will have the following objectives:

1. A short description of the EU-India FI-MEDIA project (supported by the Delegation of the European Union to India), detailing its mobility support available to create clustering partnerships between India and EU;

2. Bringing together decision makers from governments, R&I, industry stakeholders to form an EU - India Partnership on Smart Agriculture/Villages;

3. Mapping the IoT landscape in India and EU with a view to the building of a sustainable partnership covering the use of IoT for Smart Agri. This will capitalize on the work in both EU and India, including the H2020 IoT pilot in Farming, IoT Forum, AIOTI, M2M +IoT forum of India and the Delegation of the EU to India funded projects on ICT Standards.

4. Identify interested parties focusing on a. their expertise towards the development of IoT solutions to enable smart agriculture solutions & improve the lives in villages; b. their already established connections, or desired new ones; c. need and requirements for EU-India cooperation in these topics with a view to forming clusters together, including consortia in EU and / or India funded calls. see attached PDF of recent workshop held at IIIT&M, Gwalior, which will be followed up here.

Organised by: James CLARKE (Waterford Institute of Technology, Telecommunications Software and Systems Group, Ireland)



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