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The Digital Health Society

Room M1, 06/12/2018 (09:00-09:45)

The networking session will be the opportunity to give an update on the "Digital Health Society" (DHS) movement launched last year during the Estonian EU Presidency. This informal movement which has created a legal entity in 2018, is gathering more than 200 organisations across Europe: patients/citizens/consumers representatives, policy-makers (governments of Member states and regions, cities), healthcare providers and professionals, researchers, standard organisations, large companies and start-ups, insurers, etc.

The work around the DHS moonshot "100 million Digitally Connected Healthy EU Citizens by 2027" will also be presented, as well as the action plan of the 4 DHS Task Forces about "Interoperability and standards", "Citizen-controlled data governance and data donation", "Legal framework for free flow and 2ndary use of data" and "Digital transformation and change management in health and social care organisation".

This session will be the opportunity to debate around these topics, in the perspective of preparation of the next years of research and innovation for health in Europe.

Video presentation

Organised by: Julien VENNE (European Connected Health Alliance (ECHAlliance), Spain)



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