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Transforming Industry & Economy (Hall X4)


Fast and easy previsualisation for creative industries


Area: Transforming Industry & Economy (Hall X4)

Stand number: T13

The first.stage project will change creative industries in a substantial way. It will do so not only by providing previsualisation tools that are affordable to smaller studios, filmmakers, theatres and other companies working in visual narrative art, but also by making these tools easy and intuitive to use. first.stage will furnish these creative industries with several advantages: Due to the ease of operation and the decreasing prices, equipment and software for production chains in film and performing arts are now becoming affordable for small productions. The synergies created will enable co-located teams to work together to a degree that has previously not been attainable without considerable fiscal backlash. Finally this will allow the users to experience previsualisation anew, and let them create with the skills they already possess, in a medium that is close to the one the actual production will occur in.

Website: http://first-stage.eu

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