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Ideal-ist face2face brokerage event at the ICT 2018 Event

Register and book meetings

Ideal-ist, the ICT National Contact Point Network, is organising in cooperation with the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN), a brokerage event with pre-arranged face2face meetings. It offers an additional way of networking and possibly meeting potential cooperation partners at the event.

The face2face brokerage event uses a matchmaking tool that is hosted outside the ICT 2018 Event website. First you register to it online and submit your own cooperation profile. Then you can search through other people’s cooperation profiles that are published on the website and select who to meet personally. A few days before the event you will receive your personal meeting schedule.

The meetings are pre-arranged and strictly limited to 20 minutes. They will take place in a dedicated area of the venue.

How to participate in the face2face brokerage event?

The Ideal-ist face2face brokerage event at the ICT 2018 Event is an optional service and requires a separate registration.

Registration to Ideal-ist face2face is now closed.