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Digital Leadership Institute
Founder & Executive Director

Cheryl Miller, Founder and Executive Director of the Digital Leadership Institute, is a recognized digital social entrepreneur with twenty years of international experience in the tech and ICT sectors.

Cheryl's work to promote women and girls in digital studies and careers has been recognized by the European Commission, European Parliament and United Nations, and she is consulted worldwide as an expert on topics related to digital inclusion, education, digital literacy, gender equality, youth and female leadership, particularly in ESTEAM (entrepreneurship, science, technology, engineering, art & mathematics) fields.

In 2008, Cheryl founded Zen Digital Europe, a sustainability consultancy promoting digital skills and ICTs. In 2014, Cheryl and her partners launched the Digital Leadership Institute to take the social mission of Zen Digital forward on a worldwide basis.

Specific initiatives of DLI include AdaAwards.com - recognising outstandign girls and women in digital studies and careers in Europe and beyond; inQube.eu - Europe's first digital, female accelerator; g-hive.org, a global network of girl-focused STEM skills & entrepreneurship hubs; and DigitalMuse.org, promoting greater participation of girls at the crossroads of digital and creative sectors.

DLI is the Belgian contact point for the European Centre for Women and Technology.

Cheryl has a degree in International Relations, Law & Organizations from the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service and a Master of International Business Studies from the Moore School of Business. Besides her native English, Cheryl speaks, reads and writes Japanese, Dutch, French, Italian and Russian, to varying degrees.

Web site: http://dlii.org

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