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Imagine making your computer more powerful at the click of a button. This is essential for researchers and businesses who need very powerful technology to calculate complex problems and test out theories. Cloudbroker makes this possible by allowing you to share computer power when you need it.

Imagine if, at a click of a button, you could make your computer much more powerful. While it might sound like a nice idea for consumers, such a product could be absolutely essential for researchers and businesses, who need massively powerful technology to help them calculate complex problems or test out their theories. Previously, these people needed to make a big investment to buy and look after their own networks of supercomputers but Cloudbroker allows them to share computer power just when they need it. Developed by university researchers who struggled to find computers powerful enough to perform the tasks they were working on, Cloudbroker allows its users to rent power on virtual networks potentially anywhere in the world. The users of these networks can therefore take advantage of the times when they are not using the full capacity of their machines themselves.

Meet us

Come and meet us at the Innovation Radar stand in the Innovation village on Wednesday 21 October from 13h to 15h.

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