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Networking Sessions Programme

Open Innovation 2.0

Room 5C, 21/10/2015 (16:00-16:45)


Open innovation is about having no contract beforehand.

Although royalty-free Open Source is one form of Open Innovation, generally, the role of patents is increasing in Open Innovation. Open innovation is not free innovation.

In order Open Innovation to work, three things have to be in place:

1) Technical enablers like architectures, interfaces and tools to fit solutions done elsewhere

2) Economical enablers like incentive systems and market places for the developers of the components

3) Social enablers that create the shared interest of developers in the area relevant for the product, service or process.

Open innovation 2.0: Battle of global ecosystems + local clusters of trust, instead of individual innovations.

Balance is required between Full Stack Vertical companies and Open Solutions. Some of the most successful companies are using completely closed and proprietary technologies. What are the non-differentiating and differentiating technologies. What to share and what not?

How different are the winning strategies for a) platform economy, b) API economy, and c) hit markets?


We will have a panel with three topics that will be briefly exposed by experts in order to set up the context and then will be discussed dynamically with the audience. The three areas of discussion will be:

1) Open innovation 2.0, platform an ecosystem battles (Bror Salmelin, European Commission)

2) API economy experience (Jukka Salmikuukka, KONE elevators)

3) Full stack vertical company experience (Walter Weigel, Huawei)

The outcomes will be captured by photodocumentation and a written summary article.

Expected outcome

- Better understanding the winning strategies for companies

- New concepts for innovation systems and national economies.

- Trigger European successes

Organised by: Tatu KOLJONEN (EIT Digital, Finland, Finland)

Cluster: Innovation


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