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Networking Sessions Programme

Women Entrepreneurs - How to Start and Grow your Digital Enterprise

Room 5A, 22/10/2015 (14:00-14:45)


Compared to an average of 33% in the USA only 19% of the digital entrepre-neurs in Europe are women.

Attracting more girls and women to the digital sector in Europe is an imperative for the region’s growth and sustainability.

The main goal of this networking session is to raise awareness and provide concrete tools and good examples for women web entrepreneurs to start and grow their digital businesses and start-ups.


a.Welcome & Intro by Sasha Bezuhanova, Founder of Move BG and Chair of ECWT High-level Advisory Group

b.European Commission welcome by Loretta Anania, Scientific Officer European Commission, DG CONNECT

c. The session will focus on presenting the H2020 WeHubs project & 1st European level mapping of the needs of women web entrepreneurs carried out by the WeHubs consortium in 2015 - Maria Sangiuliano, PhD Researcher, ECWT

d.Maria Shiao, seasoned professional Innovator, Entrepreneur, Angel Investor will give her feedback on survey results

e. USA best practices of gendered tech entrepreneurship will be presented by Mary Juhas, Assoc. VP of the Ohio State University & President of WEPAN.

f. Participants will also learn about tools developed by the INSPIREYOWUP, diga and DAME project - Eva Fabry, Director ECWT

g.Audience input

h. Summary

The networking session will be complemen ted and directly followed up by a live pitching session of tech start-ups.

Expected outcome

In this hands-on networking session

1) You will get the latest update on the needs of women entrepreneurs in the technology sector in Europe

2) You will have access to new innovative tools for your business start-ups and for scaling up your tech business(es)

3) In combination with visiting before the session the Startup Europe Forum Women Entrepreneurs Roundtable (Auditorum III & IV) and the pitching event following immediately after this session (in the same room) you will be energized to start or scale up your own business!

4) You will be able to network with successful entrepreneurs, angel investors, innovators and leading representatives of the entire start-up ecosystem in Europe, the US and some non-EU countries.

Organised by: Eva FABRY (The European Centre for Women and Technology (ECWT), Norway)

Cluster: Innovation



Manon VAN LEEUWEN, 06/10/2015 10:40

This is very interesting, I will definitely be there.


Eva FABRY, 07/10/2015 07:58 in reply to Manon VAN LEEUWEN

Cool Manon, looking very much forward to meeting you in person at last! Velkommen!


Mary JUHAS, 20/10/2015 17:24

This session will be fun! Come and join our discussion about how to engage female inventors to commercialize their innovations!


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