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Empowering Public Services Through The Cloud: Opportunities And Barriers

Room 1.03, 22/10/2015 (09:50-10:35)


Representatives from the CLIPS project ( will analyse the topic:

‘How to facilitate the development and uptake of new Cloud solutions aimed at public service delivery’.

Principally the discussion will centre on the key benefits, opportunities, barriers and considerations that need to be taken into account for the adoption of trustworthy Cloud-based solutions within public services. It will also seek to share some of the experiences gained from projects co-funded by the EC under the “Toward a Cloud of Public Services” umbrella, as well as views from members of the audience.


The session will be divided into 2 sections:

1) Key experiences and lessons from a selection of EU projects (20mins)

This will collect highlights regarding the use of the Cloud for public services according to experiences and lessons learnt in different EU funded projects. The presentations will highlight the main achievements and benefits, but also drawbacks and areas for improvement.

Projects presenting:






2) Round table discussion (25mins, chaired by PNO Group's Olaf Swanzy - CLIPS Dissemination Manager)

Representatives from the projects will discuss with the audience the lessons learned and open issues that could affect the exploitation of the Cloud in the public sector.

Principle topics to be discussed are:

- How can such services be paid for and incorporated into public service models.

- Key barriers and considerations that could impact exploitation and sustainability including recommendations.

Expected outcome

Outcomes of the session will be captured and a report will be published in order to the highlight the shared experiences, views and recommendations that could be used to support any initiatives within the area of public service delivery using the Cloud.

If you are involved in the development and supply of cloud services or if you are a public organisation looking for change through the use of the Cloud, this is a must attend session.

Coordinated by: Roberto DI BERNARDO (Engineering Ingegneria Informatica S.P.A., Research and Development Laboratory, Italy)

Organised by: Alice WHARTON (PNO Consultants, United Kingdom)

Cluster: Cloud Computing, Systems and eInfrastructure


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