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Networking Sessions Programme

IST-Africa - ICT-39 Opportunities for Africa - EU Research Cooperation

Room 1.05, 21/10/2015 (14:00-14:45)


ICT-2015 provides a unique platform to raise awareness of successful cooperation between African and European researchers under FP7 and the ICT39-2015 Call of Horizon 2020, and look forward to potential areas for research and innovation cooperation under the 2016 – 2017 Work Programme, and specifically the upcoming ICT-39 Call.

This networking session aims to a) raise awareness of current ICT-related national priorities and research capacity in African Member States, b) share a snapshot of results of African - European Cooperation under FP7 and the H2020 ICT-39-2015 Call, and c) provide the opportunity for researchers to gain insight into targeted issues well aligned with the objectives of the ICT-39 Call under the 2016 - 2017 Work Programme.

This will provide a framework to identify African partners with relevant expertise and research track record, as well as research areas with significant potential for socio-economic impact in the target countries.



Overview of African Research Priorities and Research Capacity - Paul Cunningham, IST-Africa / IIMC, Ireland

Overview of results from ICT-39-2015 and Opportunities under ICT-39-2017 - Morten Moller, Programme Coordination, DG CONNECT, European Commission

mHealth4Afrika - Miriam Cunningham, IIMC, Ireland

WAZIUP - Abdur Rahim Biswas, Create-Net, Italy

Short presentations of ideas for ICT-39-2017

If you wish to make a short pitch of specific ideas for ICT-39-2017, please contact the session organiser by email in advance of this networking session.

Questions and Answers

Download the Programme in pdf format as an attachment below

Expected outcome

This session will raise awareness of current African research and innovation potential, African national research and innovation priorities and end-user community requirements which will assist consortia interested in submitting proposals under the ICT-39 Call (WP2016 - 2017) to prepare more targeted proposal and identify relevant African partners with whom to cooperate.

Organised by: Miriam CUNNINGHAM (IIMC International Information Management Corporation Ltd, Ireland)

Cluster: International Cooperation


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