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Towards a 5G Connected World: A Security Insight

Room 1.03, 20/10/2015 (16:50-17:35)


Security is one of the fundamental cornerstones in communications network nowadays. No network deployment can be materialised without guaranteed security for all the stakeholders involved – e.g. end-users, service providers, virtual operators, infrastructure providers. End-to-end security across all layers of the network should be addressed in all 5G network implementations from the very beginning. A holistic security approach is proposed where the underlying infrastructure is implemented, benefiting from network virtualization mechanisms. This secured network is shared among several infrastructure and service providers, who operate simultaneously the same physical resources.

The session aims to provide an open forum for discussion about how security should be considered within upcoming 5G systems, networks and components. The ubiquity of 5G network thrives the need for secured environments that will provide the users a safe, fast and reliable connectivity underpinning the future generation of applications and services. This debate has not yet drawn sufficient attention to come up with appropriate solutions to overcome all the new challenges of the 5G networks.

The session will pave the way towards opening security considerations in the initial core 5G design such as multi-operator isolation, privacy preservation between virtual tenants, trust requirements and management in heterogeneous environments and low-latency security constraints at the physical level in 5G systems.


We will have 5 short talks trying to gather insights on security aspects for 5G networks:

- Ioannis Neokosmidis (INCITES, Luxemburg)

- Dr. Kanakidis (Exus, Grecia)

- Dr. Haitham S. Cruickshank, (Institute for Communication Systems – ICS, University of Surrey, UK)

- Jordi Ferrer Riera (i2CAT Foundation, Spain)

- Emmanouil Kafetzakis (Orion Innovations, Greece)

An open panel discussion will follow amongst the public and the experts in the panel who will also have the opportunity to participate through twitter hashtags #5GSecurity #ict2015

The session will be organised under the dissemination activities of the CHARISMA project, a 5G-PPP project financed by the EU under a grant agreement in the framework of the H2020 program.

Expected outcome

The expected outcome of the networking session can be summarized as:

• Identification of the major security requirements and concerns around future 5G systems from different perspectives.

• Open discussion about the security challenges and aspects of future 5G networks.

• Security as a driver towards the future 5G-connected digital society.

The outcome of the session will also be disseminated through several online channels and the identified security requirements may be included for analysis within future CHARISMA activities.

Coordinated by: Eduard ESCALONA (Fundació i2CAT, Spain)

Organised by: Amaia LEGARREA (i2CAT, DANA, Spain)

Cluster: Future Internet


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