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Networking Sessions Programme

Big Data: fostering cross-sectorial business models.

Room 1.08, 22/10/2015 (09:50-10:35)


Big Data is a new paradigm. It’s hard technology based but goes much further and impacts to every sector in the economy. Data is the link between material and dematerialized worlds, but also among sectors: weather data matters to tourism, user profiling is key for marketing, sports tracking systems apply to health… Users, industry or Smart Cities are already generating tons of information, and it’s expected to grow exponentially. Big Data tackles the challenge to transform those raw information into business. Data challenge cannot be considered individually by sectors: collaboration is essential.

Spain counts on a powerful research and innovation ecosystem through national Technology Platforms, acting at national level the same that ETPs do at European scale. We have understood that Big Data involves the whole economy and we have recently funded the “Big Data Initiative” where several national Technology Platforms work together aiming at joining experience, vision, knowledge and interests for valorization of Big Data in benefit of industry and society.

AMETIC, the Spanish ICT Industries Association, PLANETIC, the national Technology Platform for the adoption and dissemination of ICT and coordinating the Big Data Initiative, and the Big Data Value Association (BDVA) with its task force on national initiatives organize this networking session to share the coordination experience at national level and to bring examples of Big Data initiatives on different application sectors.


- Introduction (5 min)

- Round table with speakers form ICT and application sectors and countries (25 min)

- Open discussion (15min)

Countries representatives and application sectors will be selected in advance and, if possible, attendees will be profiled to optimize the impact of the session.

Expected outcome

This session can be a good example of how to implement local strategies towards Big Data aligned with European strategy for Digital Single Market in general, and Big Data roadmap in particular. Spanish case is already confirmed to be shown, and new countries are being considered through the BDVA’s task force focused on national initiatives (this BDVA group is now in setting up process). Our specific expected outcomes are:

1. Showing the experience in the Spanish “Big Data Initiative” coordinated by PLANETIC to Europe so other Countries may implement similar groups which provide networking and help find partners of all sectors.

2. Showing other countries examples, chosen from the BDVA’s task force focused on national initiatives (.

3. Stablishing contact between attendees facing to building partnerships and Big Data projects for next calls (Big Data calls).

4. Exposing application cases and cross-sector business models.

Organised by: José Tomás ROMERO CALLE (AMETIC, Spain)

Cluster: Big Data



Margaretha MAZURA, 05/10/2015 16:43

Hola Jose,

I am looking forward to your session and to discuss how Language Technologies may support cross-sectoral business models. You may be also interested in our session about LT, e-commerce and the Digital Single Market, 22/10, 9.00, Room 5C. See you soon in Lisbon, Margaretha Mazura


Joseto ROMERO, 19/10/2015 18:09 in reply to Margaretha MAZURA

Thank you, Margaretha, for your invitation. I'll try to attend but, as the networking session I'm organizing is at 9:50 the same day, I think I'll be checking details and normally meeting the speakers a little bit in advance.

Let's keep in touch anyway!


Joseto ROMERO, 26/10/2015 15:48

Slides from this session available at



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