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Big Data Value PPP: the instrument to realize a EU data-driven economy

Room 5B, 21/10/2015 (09:00-09:45)


Do you know that in October 2014 the European Commission and the Big Data Value Association signed a contractual Public Private Partnership on Big Data Value? Well, you should know, because Big Data will be supported by a joint investment of € 1 068 million in collaborative research and innovation within Horizon 2020.

But the most relevant factor is the impact of this investment: training programmes to satisfy industry needs in terms of data scientists, development of technologies and policies to deal with challenges like data privacy or liability, or real-time data analytics.

I am sure this is of interest to you and your organization no matter if you are a researcher on these technologies or a potential user. And do not forget that this is about making our traditional industries competitive, but also about creating new ones. So, if you are an entrepreneur I am sure you will also discover many opportunities in this session.

Do not miss the chance to know the Big data PPP, its ongoing and future activities and get involved with us!

The objective of the session is to provide information on the Big Data activities of the PPP and engage new members in the community. An exciting panel will help you to understand the topics in the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda as well as the related topics in WP2016-17. Do you know what is a lighthouse project or an Innovation Space? Well, you will also know after this session.

Pencil it in your agenda. We will be waiting for YOU!


The session will be run through a panel of experts that will provide brief position statements in a sharp way to enable discussions that will be animated by partners engaged in the Big Data Value Association.


1. The Big Data PPP and the Big Data Value Association-Setting up the context (Nuria de Lama, Vice-secretary general BDVA, Atos) -5 min

2. The Big Data PPP in WP2016-17 (EC representative) -10 min.

3. How to get engaged in the Big Data Value Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA)? (Sonja Zillner, Siemens)- 5 min.

4. The implementation of the PPP: a programme view (Ed Curry, INSIGTH) -5 min.

Expected outcome

20 new members have joined BDVA since it was created, meaning that almost 50 organizations are already actively working for the private counterpart of the Big Data Value PPP. Nevertheless, this initiative is open, and hundreds of expressions of Interest have already been collected by BDVA. We want BDVA to be the place where main discussions and decisions on the strategy around Big Data in Europe happens, not only about Reearch and Innovation, but also about data skills and education, business models, policy and regulation.

The expected outcome of the session is a greater knowledge on the way the BDV PPP and Big Data Value can support this process. We will encourage people to be engaged and make the calls on Big Data become a great success, leading why not, to an increasing number of members in our Association.

Organised by: Nuria DE LAMA (ATOS Spain, ARI (Atos Research & Innovation), Spain)

Cluster: Big Data


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