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Networking Sessions Programme

Towards global research e-Infrastructures for 2020 and beyond

Room 1.04, 22/10/2015 (14:00-14:45)


This session will promote the cross border collaboration needed in order to develop world research infrastructures for 2020 and beyond. Three EC-funded projects will join forces in order to discuss about the development, deployment and operation of research e-Infrastructures in different regions of the world. During the session Sci-GaIA, TANDEM and MAGIC will introduce their approaches on these issues and will stimulate discussions about the benefits of developing new world class research e-Infrastructures for the R&D communities. The networking session will constitute an open forum to share ideas, experiences, best practises and challenges around e-infrastructures related topics. Discussions will focus on: e-Infrastructure policy development and international cooperation, the importance of promoting connectivity, global e-Infrastructure services and of identifying applications tailored to specific communities and regions, the importance of establishing agreements for Europe and other World Regions aiming at creating a marketplace of services and real-time applications for international and intercontinental research groups. The aim of the session is to underline the necessity of establishing e-Infrastructures as a sustainable utility and exploiting them as a factor of innovation in order to ensure that the wider scientific community in Europe and further afield are part of a truly connected world.


Part 1 / 5-minute presentations:

- Aniyan Varghese (EC / DG CONNECT): Developing collaborations on global e-Infrastructures

- Damien Alline (IRD, France): Strengthening the WACREN Community and Promoting Global Research Collaboration

- Dr. Simon Taylor (Brunel University, UK): The next iteration of Infrastructure and Services for e-Science in Africa

- Maria-José Lopez (RedCLARA, Uruguay): Collaboration Tools and Agreements for Global Communities

- Brook Schofiel (GEANT, UK) : National Research and Education Networks

Interactive Part: Questions and answers / - Chair: Bruce Becker (CSIR, South Africa)

You are kindly invited to visit the “GIIISC” stand in the INCO Village (IV.8a), beforehand, for further inquiries. The project representatives will be available for discussions and networking. If you would like to contribute actively to our session and wish to address specific topics, you are welcome to contact us in advance at the booth or by an email sent to the session organiser.

Expected outcome

The three projects are about connection of communities and their resources and they expect to sensitize the audience to the benefits of research e-Infrastructures and to raise awareness on the importance of collaboration at all levels in order to foster the innovation potential of research infrastructures and their human capital. More ideas on how to strengthen the links between research and innovation policies and the coordination of strategies at different levels and on how to promote innovative partnerships in order to reach this goal, are expected to emerge. The projects expect also to attract more support from the policy makers and look forward to finding new possibilities of collaboration with other projects in order to ensure the achievements of the objectives, increase the exploitation perspectives and the worldwide outreach.

Organised by: Alexandra CORNEA (Sigma Orionis, International Cooperation Unit, France)

Cluster: Cloud Computing, Systems and eInfrastructure


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