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Networking Sessions Programme

Innovation Ecosystems for European Big Data Economy

Room 5B, 21/10/2015 (09:50-10:35)


Big data is the next frontier of innovation. It is already creating new growth opportunities and new types of companies in different industrial segments. Europe is hurrying to claim its share of this emerging and global business. The Big Data Value Association (BDVA - www.bdva.eu) and EIT Digital (www.eitdigital.eu) are joining forces to support and boost big data economy.

By focusing on innovation ecosystems for big data value, this co-organized session aims to identify and generalize lessons learned towards overcoming existing gaps and helping creating the most fertile ground for Big Data economy in Europe. The discussion will be stimulated by:

- two concrete cases of Big Data business success stories, contributing their experience about bottlenecks and the roles innovation ecosystems can play in overcoming them.

- EIT Digital’s approach to innovation ecosystem building, based on grounding them into physical Colocation Centers; their growth, through targeted acceleration and skill creation services; their extension and networking towards a Pan-European dimension by means of specific programs targeting startups, Innovation Centers and talents from all across Europe.

- The introduction of BDVA’s emerging concept of Innovation Spaces and its role in H2020 Work Programme 2016-2017.

The lessons learnt and the outputs of the session will be documented by the facilitators, shared with the participants and exploited in BDVA’s and EIT Digital's strategy updates and dissemination.


The networking session will be implemented as follows:

1. Opening: What will this session be about and what you can expect to find in it (3’ – Fabio Pianesi, EIT Digital)

• BDVA/EIT Digital cooperation; two organizations coming together to boost EU Big Data Economy

2. i-Spaces: one potential trigger/catalyst for Big Data ecosystems (5’ – Walter Waterfeld, BDVA)

3. EIT Digital’s approach to ecosystem building (5’ – Fabio Pianesi, EIT Digital)

• Grounding ecosystems: Co-location Centers

• Growing ecosystems: EIT Digital Accelerator, Entrepreneurial Education

• Extending ecosystems: the Idea Challenge, the ARISE Europe programme, I3H

4. Challenges that companies face in the Big Data Business. How can innovation ecosystems help overcome them? The view of entrepreneurs (5')

• Ricardo Jimenez (LeanXcale), Daniele Miorandi (Thinkin) and Janne Jarvinen (F-Secure)

5. Q&A

Expected outcome

The expected outcome of the session

1) Identify and share latest knowledge and experience on Big Data business and innovation ecosystems in Europe.

2) Influence future strategies of companies, innovation communities and EU instruments (BDVA, EIT Digital)

3) Clarify and exemplify the role of big data Innovation Spaces linking them to EIT Digital's Co-Location Spaces

4) Increase enterprises interest in BDV ecosystems

5) stimulate the evolution of existing innovation ecosystems towards BDV ready ones.

Organised by: Fabio PIANESI (EIT ICT Labs, Belgium)

Cluster: Big Data



Margaretha MAZURA, 05/10/2015 16:26

Hello Fabio, I am looking forward to your networking session. We have ours on 22/10 at 9.00 am on Language Technologies for e-commerce and the Digital Single Market (Room 5C) and I would like to discuss synergies with you. See you in Lisbon, Margaretha Mazura


Fabio PIANESI, 06/10/2015 10:47 in reply to Margaretha MAZURA

Sure. See you there



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