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FIWARE, the “Airbus” of the Future Internet

Room 5A, 20/10/2015 (16:00-16:45)


FIWARE is one of those few opportunities that Europe still has upfront. When the Future Internet PPP started some years ago we felt that something special could be created, that FIWARE could be that new asset we, Europeans, could feel proud of, a kind of “Airbus” for the Internet.

That dream has become reality and we are more confident than ever about the economic opportunities driven by FIWARE.

This session will share the outcomes of FIWARE with the European ICT community so that those opportunities are maximized and exploited.

The session will give fully updated information on FIWARE, the offering in terms of Generic Enablers (APIs) and Open Data as well as the innovation ecosystem FIWARE Lab. It will point out how to combine existing SW components from other platforms (for example, those built by other projects of the programme) and the FIWARE technology. It will also share with the audience the advantages of using those standards pushed by FIWARE.

Nevertheless, one of the most interesting parts of the session will not rely on the adoption and take up of FIWARE, but on the possibility to contribute to the Open Source Community. People interested in getting engaged with the FIWARE Open Source Community, the Foundation or other emerging associations will get clear guidelines on how to do so. If you are planning to do business on the Internet, you cannot miss this opportunity!


The session will count on experts on the described topics who will provide clear and brief statements that can serve as starting point for the participants. FIWARE technology cannot be explained in such a short session and therefore we expect this networking opportunity to be a “hook” where organizations and individuals can understand the benefits of FIWARE for their business. They will get the indications on how to find more information or get engaged in other events. It will be very dynamic, with short presentations and most of the time devoted to Q&A.


FIWARE: the Airbus of the Future Internet (Nuria de Lama, Atos)-5 min

FIWARE in WP2016-17 (European Commission representative) -10 min

What's going on in FIWARE? -15 min

a) Updated technical and COMMERCIAL status (Juanjo Hierro, Telefónica)

b) The FIWARE Open Source Community (Stefano DePanfilis, Engineering)

Expected outcome

Hundreds of new organizations, big and small will receive clear guidelines on how to adopt or contribute to FIWARE. Thanks to the marketing campaign we will develop we expect this effect to be multiplied, ending up in thousands of new members for the FIWARE community, which in the end means thousands of organizations benefiting economically from the Future Internet!

Organised by: Nuria DE LAMA (ATOS Spain, ARI (Atos Research & Innovation), Spain)

Cluster: Future Internet



Margaretha MAZURA, 05/10/2015 16:22

Hello Nuria, I hope we can finally meet at this very interesting networking session and find synergies between FIWARE and Language technology solutions. We want to invite all "FIWARERS" also to join us on 22/10, at 9.00 am in Room 5C. Let's meet in Lisbon, Margaretha Mazura


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