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Software Encapsulates the World: Everything as a Service (XaaS) by 2025

Room 1.04, 21/10/2015 (16:50-17:35)


In the coming decade, accelerated by the digital natives, we foresee the "Everything as a Service" (XaaS) shift, where reality is continuously monitored and changed with instantly and ubiquitously available services. Software will define almost all interactive features of products and services. The pace of this transformation will be speeded up by developments in Big Data, IoT, CPS, 5G that will enable software servitization to spread to new domains, empowering businesses to have faster time to market cycles, to rapidly adapt their products and services, to easily configure and integrate them in value added offers in expanded ecosystems. Businesses will need to transform and adopt the service approach to meet new demands in the market, and software-based services will be deeply intertwined in the life of users and citizen. Moreover, the XaaS approach will help putting European industry in a better position, bringing back the value creation closer to the users.

This session will therefore explore future software advances which will enable and drive the transformation of almost all sectors of society into the next generation of a software based service economy. It will be characterized by the fact that value due to software and data will be increasing and moving up the value chain; e.g., adding services to product offerings and impact the associated business models and the relationship with customers or users.


We address the expected impact on advancing software as a key enabling technology; Therefore three renowned panelists, one from a SME, a big business and academia, respectively, are presenting their view on this transformation as an introduction to the discussion:

- Eva Coscia, R&D Manager, Holonix (IT)

- Sylvie Raynaud, Advanced Study Marketing & Sales Engineer, Thales (FR)

- Andreas Metzger, Senior Academic Councilor, paluno the Ruhr Institute for Software Technology, University of Duisburg-Essen (DE)

The open questions we have issued to the panelists are:

- What are the most innovative usage scenarios and identified barriers?

- What are the research and innovation topics in technology and tools to make the vision happen?

- What is the alternative to a “digital service world”, e.g., will XaaS be disruptive to some sectors?

- What will be the key differentiating factors in a XaaS world?

Expected outcome

The outcome will be a wide-ranging view of the impact of software-based services across sectors and the orientations for the technological evolution over the next decade, identifying remaining roadblocks for development and adoption in Europe.

The written summary that will be based on the notes taken during the session and the presentations given by the speakers and following discussions will be a first paper describing the road ahead for software and services and how important XaaS will be in the future. This will provide input for the second half of and for the following framework programme.

Organised by: Bjørn SKJELLAUG (SINTEF, ICT, Norway)

Cluster: Cloud Computing, Systems and eInfrastructure


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