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Scaling up learning analytics: Innovating European Education

Room 5C, 21/10/2015 (14:50-15:35)


The promise of scaling up learning analytics is more adaptive and efficient learning. However, using Big Data for education is far more challenging than using Big Data for pinpoint marketing and targeted advertising. European values of cultural diversity and social and data protection standards are at stake. If a European policy on scaling up learning analytics is not put in place we will not reap the full potential of this new technology.

To build this European policy a wide range of communities need to agree on aims for learning analytics and how to remove barriers. The Learning Analytics Community Exchange (LACE) project has together with other EU supported learning analytics projects come up with a number of policy propositions to be presented to ICT 2015 participants. Through live audience participation these propositions covering topics of pedagogical purpose, data protection and privacy, technical solutions, principles of innovation, etc will be presented, commented and voted on. The session will use a simplified form of the Delphi method, a structured way of developing public policy. The results of the session will be brought forward to online activities afterwards and be used particularly by the LACE project to build a roadmap for European development in the field. The ramifications for the participating projects and for ongoing and future European learning analytics are paramount to competitive future.


A series of policy propositions will be developed and shared beforehand, promoted through the well established social media channels of the LACE* project (Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube LACE video channel, LACE blogs and website) as well as the channels of other EU projects such as PELARS**, MCSquared***, iTalk2Learn****, and WatchMe***** that have committed to contribute to the event..

The live polling site will be used to capture voting results during and after the session. The session will be documented through short video interviews and live blogging; and blog posts will be written up with results and further directions explaining how participants can contribute to the development of the policy roadmap for European learner analytics.






Expected outcome

The extended network of interest on learning analytics and technology enhanced learning will be interested in the outcome of the policy roadmap for scaling up learning analytics in Europe. The collaborating projects and the associate members of the LACE Community will ensure that the important input from the ICT2015 session will be further developed in order to be integrated in deliverables and contributions to the European policy process. Significant contribution to the LACE roadmap for future policy development in this field and further engagement with stakeholders in the schools’, universities’ and workplace sectors are expected. This initiative will also create closer ties between the research community actively developing and exploring new developments like the WatchMe and PELARS consortia and the user representative community, and better connect research and practice.

Organised by: Tore HOEL (Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences, Learning Centre and Library, Norway)

Cluster: Learning and Skills


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