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Advanced Computing for Manufacturing SMEs: Successful Real-World Examples

Room 5B, 21/10/2015 (16:50-17:35)


Advanced computing, i.e. the use of Computer Aided Technologies (CAx) for Engineering and Manufacturing on High Performance Computing (HPC) infrastructures, has become decisive for the competitiveness of most manufacturing industries both in the product development and production optimization process. Those tools require a lot of skills, time and investment to be used efficiently, which is prohibitive for many small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). This observation motivated the EC to set-up the I4MS initiative as part of the FP7 and H2020 programme. I4MS has the aim of making advanced computing more accessible and affordable for SMEs through Cloud Computing and Competence Centers to help them to overcome the initial hurdle. In this area three projects have been launched: Fortissimo, CloudSME and CloudFlow.

Key objectives of the networking session:

• Building and raising the awareness of the I4MS programme, esp. w.r.t. advanced computing, HPC in the Cloud and CAx

• Presenting the possibilities, achievements and impact of Fortissimo, CloudSME and CloudFlow

• Promoting the Competence Centers contributing to the sustainability of the exploitable results of these projects

• Promoting solutions and services in development during the course of these projects

• Informing the community about ways of cooperation and upcoming calls

• Actively involving the participants into the discussion and reflection of means to ease uptake of technology and impact on business processes


The networking session will present results from the three current projects in the I4MS HPC/Cloud initiative showing ways how to get involved and possibilities to use the results. The organizers of the networking session will be tweeting on session content using a unique hashtag to enable participants and ‘listeners’ to attend and possibly share their opinion. We like to encourage interaction amongst the participants so that they can actually build up a network-themselves and identify future collaboration opportunities in the addressed field.

Expected outcome

• Amplification of the impact through awareness building and broadened uptake of current project results and offers (services, marketplaces, portals) through SMEs

• Mobilization of SMEs and mid caps for further activities, e.g. regional implementation

• Stimulating additional Competence Centers to network with the Fortissimo, CloudSME and CloudFlow

• Ideas about how to further facilitate advanced computing in the SME sector

Organised by: André STORK (Fraunhofer IGD, Interactive Engineering Technologies, Germany)

Cluster: Components and Systems


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