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Networking Sessions Programme

GROWTH! How to connect languages and transform commerce for the DSM

Room 5C, 22/10/2015 (09:00-09:45)


THE CHALLENGE: President Juncker’s programme includes a “connected Digital Single Market” (DSM) and “a deeper and fairer Internal Market with a strengthened Industrial Base”. He evokes the great opportunities offered by digital technologies “which know no borders” that would allow to “offer a level playing field where all companies offering their goods or services in the EU are subject to the same […] rules, regardless of where their server is based”. This vision is accompanied by the figure of 250B€ of additional growth! The pitfall of this pan-European vision lies in a detail which is the pride of Europe’s culture and reality: languages. Linguistic de facto borders hamper the seamless access to content, products and services. Moreover, the vast opportunities of Big Data are severely limited if only English data are exploited.

THE SOLUTION: Europe has solutions ready, designed by a vibrant research and industrial community that deals with machine translation, speech recognition, data analytics and other language technology services. This networking session was a platform for discussing the Strategic Agenda for the Multilingual Digital Single Market (SRIA) – the language component being crucial to unleash all its power, opportunities for growth and increase the competitiveness of companies in the global market place.


►Welcome address: Kimmo Rossi, DG CNECT

►Moderator: Margaretha Mazura, EMF


S. Gaines, VICOMTECH: LT in Big Data Applications

A. Vasiljevs,TILDE: LT for eCommerce and cross-border services

F.A. Danza, Expertsystem: The opportunities that multilingual data analytics can offer to e-commerce in the Digital Single Market.

C. Kompis, VODERA: Roadmap for conversational interaction technologies

G. Rehm, META-NET: A strategic R&I Agenda for the multilingual Digital Single Market

Video "pitch": G. Morlais, Welsh Government/Language Unit: Time to Crowdsource

►COMPETITION ANNOUNCEMENT for the most innovative solution/idea for a multilingual DSM.


Expected outcome

The Networking Session helped:

• Raising awareness that the “Connected Digital Single Market”(DSM) must become a “multilingual” DSM to take advantage of all the opportunities it offers, in particular for e-commerce

• Defining next steps to achieve a Multilingual DSM. Without language-neutral content, products and services, Europe’s citizens will not enjoy equal access and participation to it. Therefore, MAIN OBJECTIVES of this session are:

- Point out language challenges and already existing solutions while identifying gaps that need immediate & future actions.

- Add content and new insights into the SRIA for a multilingual Digital Single Market

- Engage participants to consider the language aspect in areas like Big Data PPP, Future Internet, Creative Industries etc.

President Juncker said that “all languages have the same dignity”, we need to take the language challenge seriously. Language technologies can turn it into opportunities.

Organised by: Margaretha MAZURA (EMF, United Kingdom)

Cluster: EU Policy


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