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Cyber Physical Big Data Systems: Coming Together of Game-Changing Trends

Room 5A, 21/10/2015 (14:50-15:35)


The session explores opportunities, challenges and obstacles for Cyber Physical Big Data Systems. It will incorporate the view of three major, complementary IT disciplines:

(1) Embedded and CPS (ARTEMIS-IA -;

(2) Big Data (BDVA –;

(3) Software, services and cloud (NESSI ETP -

Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) are embedded, autonomous, collaborative ICT systems that provide monitoring and control of physical components and processes in various application areas. CPS are becoming a major driver for digitalization in Europe. They will be a major source, collector, distributer and user of data, not only in volume, but increasingly in velocity, variety and veracity.

Big Data is about extracting valuable information from such data in order to use it in intelligent ways such as to revolutionize decision-making in businesses, science and society. The tremendous growth of data volume and velocity combined with easier access to data and the availability of powerful IT systems have led to intensified activities around Big Data.

The importance of bringing together Big Data and CPS will continue to grow due to increased attention on data as an important business asset. Cyber Physical Big Data Systems will thus become essential enablers for ensuring Europe’s competitiveness.

The overall outcome of the session will be a cross-discipline understanding of the European research and innovation potential of Cyber Physical Big Data Systems.


1 - Welcome and aims: Andreas Metzger, paluno institute, University of Duisburg-Essen (NESSI Steering Committee Vice Chair & Deputy Secretary General BDVA)

2 - Setting the scene (position presentations):

• Major trends in embedded and cyber physical systems: Laila Gide, THALES (ARTEMIS-IA Vice President and chair of ARTEMIS-IA working group "Strategic Research Agenda")

• Killer apps for Big Data technology: Ed Curry, INSIGHT (BDVA Vice President)

• Next revolution in software, services and cloud: Colin Upstill, IT Innovation, University of Southampton (NESSI Steering Committee Chair)

3 - Engaging the audience: active solicitation of contributions and questions to be answered by position presenters and panellists

• Jan Lohstroh, Secretary General of ARTEMIS-IA

• Bjorn Skjellaug, SINTEF (NESSI partner and BDVA member, running BDVA CPS stream of activities)

• Sonja Zillner, SIEMENS (lead of BDVA subgroup “Strategic Research & Innovation Agenda”)

4 – Wrap-up and Conclusions

Expected outcome

Discussions clearly showed the opportunities and challenges at the intersection between cyber physical systems and data-intensive systems, such as preserving privacy, handling system complexity, and addressing velocity / real-time data processing.

Organised by: Andreas METZGER (University of Duisburg-Essen, paluno (The Ruhr Institute for Software Technology), Germany)

Cluster: Components and Systems


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