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Networking Sessions Programme

Startup Europe - Y Generation Entrepreneurs – hosted by MY-WAY project

Room 1.07, 21/10/2015 (16:00-16:45)


The aim of this session is to create a unique opportunity to place the Y generation of entrepreneurs, millennials who grew up with the Internet, and for whom technology has a crucial role, into the spotlight. In order to do this, an innovative, interactive configuration of the session will bring panellists closer to the audience, eventually deleting any distinction between participants and speakers, and will facilitate the communication and knowledge exchange between the different participants.

We will discuss together wannabe entrepreneurs’ needs and challenges, as opposed to the expectations they have to meet to become successful web-entrepreneurs. We will do this by including:

•Best practices and examples from the MY-WAY project,

•Examples and case studies from the project’s individual partners, who are accelerators, mentors and other key players within the entrepreneurship ecosystem,

•A description of the potential assistance and support offered by Startup Europe and its related projects;

•Highlight on the role of universities and students networks in providing support to wannabe entrepreneurs.

We will accept questions from Facebook and Twitter as well, and will live “stream” on Twitter: like our page, follow @My_WayProject and use the hashtag #Yentrepreneur

Bio of the Panelists and the Moderator is attached.


The session format is framed in an innovative and interactive way for generating discussion between participants and panellists. Attendants will be sitting in two-three concentric circles. In the innermost circle, a moderator and 4/5 panellists will be sitting. After a short introduction to serve as ice-breaker, the participants (sitting in the outmost circle) will have opportunity for asking questions or sharing comment on the proposed hot topics/case studies. They will do so by switching seats with one of the panellists who is not involved in the topic. As the remarks are concluded, the participant will offer the spot to other participants/panellists. The final outcome will be a complete reshuffle of participants and enhanced interaction between panellists and participants. Session outcomes will be summarised by the moderator and will be available for further use.

Expected outcome

The expected outcome of this session is to offer a better understanding of the needs and the challenges of the Y generation of entrepreneurs and to prepare them on the expectations of the web-entrepreneurship world. Knowledge exchange will help the student organisations and the student entrepreneurship centres to tailor their services and allow an improved access to the accelerators, mentors and investors. Interactions among the target groups will enhance the cooperation and create new opportunities for joint actions. The session will also raise awareness on the actions and initiatives of the MY-WAY project and Startup Europe.

Organised by: Gabriella LOVASZ (Europa Media NonProfit Ltd, -, Hungary)

Cluster: Innovation


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