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Fast forward to the digital single market: procurement of cloud services

Room 1.04, 21/10/2015 (14:00-14:45)


The acquisition of IT services is a key function in any organisation, public or private. Cloud computing means new ways of procuring services. In this session we looked at how the public sector and the research community can best procure cloud services and identify priorities for themselves and for policy makers.

During the session we talked about:

• Best practices for public research organisations and governments,

• Open issues (e.g. how to write public tenders, and engage suppliers, etc.) and skills needed

• Tools & standards that can facilitate the procurement of cloud services

• Innovative ways of purchasing cloud services

• The European Open Science Cloud launched by the EC

Key objectives of the session were:

• Identify common issues and understand how others have overcome them,

• Understand how/if innovative procurement instruments can improve procurement processes

• Define priorities to support the definition of a preliminary Roadmap to Procurement of cloud services which responds directly to the European Council’s call for a single market in cloud computing.

The session was attended by over 30 representatives of European public sector organisations, including governments, funding agencies, industry and public research organisations.


5 mins Welcome & introduction of the participants - Daniele Catteddu, Cloud Security Alliance & PICSE project

10 mins Procuring cloud services today: barriers, opportunities & tools - Sara Garavelli, Trust-IT Services & PICSE project (Presentation attached below)

30 mins Panel discussion with opinion leaders from EU funding agencies, industry and research sector:

• Carmela Asero, Policy Analyst, European Commission Joint Research Centre and PICSE Task Force Chair

• Bernd Becker, EuroCloud President

• Daniel Field, Deputy Head of IT Sector Research and Innovation Group, Atos Spain SA & SLALOM project

• Roberto Di Bernardo, Research & Development Laboratory, Engineering Ingegneria Informatica & CLIPS project

• Giovanna Galasso, Senior Manager, PricewaterhouseCoopers Advisory SpA

• James Mitchell, Chief Executive Officer, Strategic Blue & PICSE Task Force member

Panellists shared their personal perspectives on procurement of cloud services.

Expected outcome

The main outcomes of the workshop can be summarised in a set of recommendations and an action plan for public sector organisations procuring cloud services and are available at These outputs will feed into the final PICSE roadmap on procurement of cloud services.

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Organised by: Sara GARAVELLI (Trust-IT Services LTD, United Kingdom)

Cluster: Cloud Computing, Systems and eInfrastructure


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