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Networking Sessions Programme

Key challenges in end-to-end privacy/security in untrusted environments

Room 1.07, 22/10/2015 (14:50-15:35)


This session, supported by H2020 projects WITDOM, TREDISEC and PRISMACLOUD shall motivate discussion and widen the circle of stakeholders dealing with current challenges in both security and end-users´ privacy when outsourcing data to the cloud.

Therefore, visions, challenges and solutions (including identified scenarios where multiple functional and non-functional requirements must be met simultaneously, and develop specific solutions for a range of cloud security casuistry that satisfy all desired requirements) will be discussed regarding their benefits and possibilities.


The format will be an open session when we´ll discuss the relevant and trendy topic proposed by the networking session.

1. 5 minute general introduction to the topic: Key challenges related to the cloud, such as privacy protection and integrity, or data storage.

Speaker: Nick Ferguson (Trust-IT Services)

2. 24 minutes: Speakers from each project will discuss specific subjects of the end-to-end privacy/security in untrusted environments.

Presentation 1: “Cloud challenges to high-demanding privacy scenarios.” Speaker: Nicolas Notario McDonnell (Atos) – WITDOM Project

Presentation 2: “Verifiability and Authenticity of Data and Beyond” Speaker: Henrich C. Pöhls (Passau University) – PRISMACLOUD Project

Presentation 3: “Data protection versus storage efficiency and multi-tenancy” Speaker: Ghassan Karame (NEC) – TREDISEC Project

3. 16 minutes: Semi-structured discussion with the audience.

Expected outcome

The session shall promote:

Wide-audience awareness of the challenges and the solutions in the work to address secure data processing and storage in outsourced environments such as public clouds.

We expect that many new stakeholders will be attracted to this process through lively discussion of key issues shaping the future of cloud security and privacy, and give feedback and contributions to the work of the sponsoring projects. We expect to generate impact on our audience and incorporate their feedback in a fruitful dialogue.

New impulses in cloud security research in Horizon 2020. Within ICT 2015,the discussion will provide feedback on the current way towards improvement of outsourced data in the cloud.

Organised by: Elena GONZÁLEZ GARCÍA (Atos, Spain)

Cluster: Security and Trust


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