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Networking Sessions Programme

Building Apps Based on Open (Spatial, Linked) Data

Room 1.08, 20/10/2015 (16:50-17:35)


There is big potential in exploiting open (spatial) data for businesses and human well-being. There is a large number of projects and SMEs trying to develop apps that could be commercialised or made self-sustainable. The apps are built based on open spatial data published through various initiatives such as INSPIRE, GEOSS or Copernicus, by public administration and voluntary initiatives.

The objective of the session is to exchange experience with the commercialisation and long-term sustainability of such applications. This session is organised by the OpenTransportNet, SDI4Apps, FOODIE and SmartOpenData projects.


The session moderator will present several key areas covering the key aspects of an app sustainability plan. Results coming from all the OpenTransportNet, SDI4Apps, FOODIE and SmartOpenData projects will be presented.

The outcomes will be summarised in a press release and published through social media, project websites, etc.

Expected outcome

The interest in open and linked data is enormous. The participants agreed that more good quality data need to be opened in order to create better business opportunities.

4 key projects dealing with integrating spatial and non-spatial information using state-of-the-art techniques including linked open data were presented. All the presentations are attached.

Any comments regarding this session can be sent to mildorf(at)centrum.cz

Coordinated by: Tomas MILDORF (University of West Bohemia, Geomatics, Czechia)

Organised by: Tomas MILDORF (University of West Bohemia, Geomatics, Czechia)

Cluster: Big Data



Marco DE LA FELD, 02/10/2015 17:59

FOODIE project is dedicated to the use and promotion of open data for agricultural applications. Learn more about this project http://www.foodie-project.eu/


Arne J. BERRE, 12/10/2015 14:42

I am representing the CITI-SENSE project, http://www.citi-sense.eu - one of five European Citizen Observatory projects, http://www.citizen-obs.eu/ - and also ECSA, The European Citizen Science Association, http://ecsa.biodiv.naturkundemuseum-berlin.de/


Oscar MEALHA, 19/10/2015 13:09

I'm from Univ. of Aveiro (www.ua.pt) and member of ASLERD (Association for Smart Learning Ecosystems and Regional development) www.aslerd.org

Promising network session, I'll keep this in high priority.

all the best.


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