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Networking Sessions Programme

Supporting the digital transformation of European fisheries communities

Room 1.03, 21/10/2015 (09:50-10:35)


Small scale fisheries are one of the last and most challenged traditional sectors in the European primary sector industries. To adapt to new markets and requirements, fishermen are beginning to embrace new communication technologies, for example, by using social media to sell their catch and find new customers. But, by using these new tools, fishermen can do much more: they narrow the distance to the final consumer, increase traceability, add value to their catch without increasing fishing effort. They also create social links online and IRL, giving them more opportunities to transfer local knowledge and tell their story.

However, bridging the digital gap in fisheries communities still remains critical in ensuring this transformation becomes reality.

We want to use this networking opportunity to present and discuss success stories of "fishermen going digital": we will show how the sector can take ownership of new communication technologies, what are the needs and how Europe can support them in becoming actors of innovative and sustainable coastal economies.

This networking session will also build up on the advice of the recent European Commission "Foresight network fiches 2030", insisting on the opportunities for fisheries and aquaculture activities to anticipate technology convergence and societal expectations.


Combining showcasing/ animation/harvesting techniques:

- Short videos presenting the projects

- Augmented elevator pitch by the fishermen: e.g. explanation of their work with simultaneous demo of their use of ICT in background)

- Interaction with the audience, harvesting ideas and next steps

Interaction with the audience will be ensured by:

- distributing a previously scripted series of questions or provoking ideas to participants before the session. Questions could be crowdsourced from previous online exchanges, inviting ICT15 participants to ask a question to a “Fisherman2.0”

- using the «Fish bowl" technique, breaking the barrier between the fishermen and the audience, by making them sit together in the middle to discuss an idea or question

- interactive harvesting "ideas & proposals" for next steps, projects and EU cooperation. Use of graphical interaction material is foreseen

- encouraging indoor/outdoor tweeting with hashtag #FishICT15 or similar

Expected outcome

- Increased visibility, understanding and inclusion of the fisheries sector in the objectives of the Digital Agenda.

- Raising awareness on the links between the European Maritime & Fisheries fund, the Blue Growth and Digital Agenda of the European Commission.

- Showing how European Maritime & Fisheries Fund can support the digital transformation and resilience of the fisheries sector and its communities.

- Identifying other aspects of small scale fisheries which could be transformed by this transformation (monitoring, data collection, knowledge...)

- Setting a "milestone" in the creation of a European network of " fishermen 2.0 " who will benefit from each other's experience, solutions and exchange good practice across Europe.

Organised by: Serge GOMES DA SILVA (FARNET Support Unit, Belgium)

Cluster: Smart Cities and Sustainability



Arne J. BERRE, 12/10/2015 14:51

I am representing the CITI-SENSE project, http://www.citi-sense.eu - one of five European Citizen Observatory projects, http://www.citizen-obs.eu/ - and also ECSA, The European Citizen Science Association, http://ecsa.biodiv.naturkundemuseum-berlin.de/ - and the Norwegian Fishing community - https://www.sintef.no/en/fisheries-and-aquaculture/


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